The girl in the class


I have been practising yoga since 2007 both in the UK and overseas. The breadth of my experience enabled me to train at the White Lotus Foundation in California - where I studied with acclaimed yogi's Ganga White and Tracey Riche.

I started out on a very different path, as a partner in a London City law firm doing crazy hours; so I understand the pressures of juggling a career, commuting and home life (work life balance - what's that?!). 

And today? Well I'm the Head of Yoga Development at New Energy Yoga, where I teach Stiff Guy and Stiff Girl, as well as other forms such as Hatha and Hot Yoga.



Stiff Guy Yoga focuses on those areas where guys are tight – hips, hamstrings, shoulders and backs. The yoga is designed to improve flexibility, strength and joint mobility.


Classes have a manly vibe, so there’s no chanting… promise. And you’ll sweat; it’s harder than you think. The first thing a new guy will say to me after class is “That was nothing like I imagined. I know you said I’d sweat but I didn’t expect that.”Usually followed by “…and I’ll see you next week!” 


There’s always a warm up, which I think is absolutely essential (not all yogi’s agree.) Then sequences of poses, called sun salutations; and finally a cool down.


And don’t let the name fool you. Ages range from 17 – 73 and from the very fit to the unfit. The majority when they began, had never done yoga before, or had maybe tried it and it just didn’t grab them. Stiff Guy Yoga is different. And this week most of my original Stiffs will be back for more: more strength; more flexibility, more Stiff Guy Yoga!

Stiff quotes


Outstanding stuff. Walked in stiff as a board. Walked out feeling ten years younger


Great for reducing stress and I feel like it's added years to my life


After one hour my back felt ten years younger. Genuinely unbelievable