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Just so you know... Stiff Yoga is designed for everyone. The Stiffs (as I call them) are a diverse mix of age and ability but they all like to workout.


Stiff Guy/Girl Beginners


My advice would be to start with the book and supporting videos, which have been designed specifically for beginners to do at home. You do not have to do the 30 days in a row but do follow the order of the routines, so you build gradually.

You will find the videos that accompany the book in the video section. Please note that they are the first videos, so use the arrows to scroll back to the beginning.

However, if you'd prefer to start with an online class, any class marked 'all levels' will be suitable. In these classes I give options for beginners, intermediates and advanced students. So please don't be tempted to try the more advanced options until you have mastered the basics.

Online Classes (for all levels)

If you are concerned by the 'all levels' please be assured that I gear my classes so that there is something for everyone. As we go through the routine together, I give options for beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Classes are live but also recorded, so if the class time isn't convenient, they are available to stream through the video section. 

Each class has a different focus but generally speaking I try and keep the Sunday class with a relaxed Sunday vibe, and midweek, with a bit more zip. Don't hold me to that though, as I like to keep you on your toes (sometimes literally.)


One thing I will promise is that we always warm up first. That sounds like a no-brainer but some forms of yoga are straight out of the gates but I like to ease you in gently. Then we do a flow sequence, a cool down and finally a relaxation, which is a firm favourite with students. So stay for the end, and you'll see why.

Below are the current classes. Just click on the link.

​Steps to join a class


  • Book a class up to 1 hour before the start time. [click the time eg 6pm, on the calendar, to activate the booking button]

  • Approx 1 hour before the class starts, I will send you an email with a Zoom link to register for the class. On registration Zoom will send you a link to join the class. So just before the class starts, click on the link on your device.​ And you're good to go!

      (If you haven't received the registration link from me an hour before class, email me asap at


During Class


  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can workout in, and yoga is done barefoot.


  • Please ensure your speaker stays muted during class, to avoid disturbing other members. I will mute everyone before we start.

  • You don't have to have your camera on if you don't want to. You can be entirely private.

Studio Classes

The New Energy Yoga Studio has closed for lockdown but the team hopes to be back soon.


There are Stiff Guy Workshops planned for January at New Energy, which are now being rescheduled. If you have booked a place, you will be contacted shortly. 


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